The Visit NC Farms App connects the dots in communities across North Carolina. Using cell phone technology, residents and visitors can find farms closest to them with products and activities that interest them.

Visitors can use the app to explore farms, farmers markets and local restaurants that are off the beaten path and unique to each community. 

Why should I list my farm on the Visit NC Farms App?

  • Showcasing your farm on the app allows you to reach a broader audience of potential customers and repeat patrons.
  • You'll be listed among an expansive and ever-growing collection of agriculture-based offerings. 
  • With both a map and a list view, users will be able to easily find the farm closest to them or filter based on offerings.
  • Your farm listing will feature a brief summary, engaging imagery, and push button shortcuts to call, visit your website, or get directions.
  • User and member feedback ensures that the app stays relevant and up to date.

Why should my community invest in the Visit NC Farms App?

  • There are significant social, economic and environmental benefits to promoting Agritourism in your community. It's the perfect way to educate people about your community.
  • The app is affordable, scalable and replicable.
  • City dwellers show interest in rural communities and activities – the Visit NC Farms App is bridging the gap between urban and rural.
  • 77% of all Americans now own a smart phone of some kind. (92% of 18-29 year olds)
  • Consider the app as a marketing tool to help drive the 39 million overnight visitors to engage in the agriculture economy. In addition, there are 10+ million residents in North Carolina that don't know about the farms in their own back yards!
  • In 2016, our state saw nearly 10 million daytrippers. Those visitors do not spend any nights away from home, but travel at least 50 miles one-way. Furthermore, they are increasingly interested in rural and agricultural activities.
"The key is for rural communities to recognize that they have valuable assets, one of which is the very nature of rural life. In an increasingly congested and impersonal world, there is great appeal to a close-knit community. The qualities associated with rural life are particularly conducive to the creation of entrepreneurial ecosystems and the free flow of information, skills and resources…" 

Don Macke has nearly 40 years of community economic development and policy experience, is the co-founder of the Lincoln, Nebraska-based Center for Rural Entrepreneurship and director of the center's entrepreneurial communities solution area.

How is the app growing in North Carolina?

  • The pilot project was launched by Orange County in fall of 2017. After their investment and initial success, the app expanded to other counties.
  • In development are assets for Wilkes, Cleveland and Lee counties, as well as the Kerr-Tar Council of Governments (Person, Granville, Vance, Franklin and Warren counties).
  • Data from app users provides crucial information to better meet the needs of the users and stakeholder goals.

How is the app promoted?

  • Each community has access to marketing materials including posters, banner stands, buttons, stickers and window clings. Website badges are created for participating sites. 
  • The app is promoted by the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Marketing Division. Welcome and Visitor Centers across the state, the State farmers markets and other statewide venues will share the app messaging. 
  • Being a part of the app is cooperative advertising. Each farm or community partner also promotes the app to their lists and followers so your audience grows exponentially.
  • North Carolina Farm Bureau is supporting this effort across the state.
  • As the app grows, the marketing efforts will expand as well. Think billboards!

Having trouble downloading or using the app?